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The team

Mark Anfilogoff - CEO, Digital Change Manager and Surfer.

Mark has worked at the leading edge of the internet, online services and software development since 1994 during which time he has dealt with the challenges of organisations of all sizes from small businesses and start-ups to multinational corporations and governments. Mark has worked with most UK Government departments including HMRC, DWP DfT and Ofsted. He was recently Consultant Technical Design Authority for a multiple-million pound online services development.

Mark's particular interests are in helping organisations achieve better value through agile approaches, web standards and accessibility and digital change management. He leads on central government engagement and technical implementation.

When time (and weather!) permit Mark likes to go surfing.

Funke Adebusuyi - Consultant, Coach and DJ

As a Learning and Organisation Development specialist, Funke has spent much of her career developing and managing people and while head of function in a large NHS trust she gained national recognition and commendation for the quality of training. Funke's strengths are her analytical, planning and management skills. She is also good at motivating and developing people.

Her experience covers organisations of all sizes including NHS, Education, Charity and Voluntary Sector, SME and Start-up. Funke leads on the people aspects of managing change, including leadership and motivation.

Music is a big part of Funke's life and she is resident DJ at a venue in Notting Hill. Party on!